Only You

onlyU1Take a breath and live the moment. This is probably what Faith (Marisa Tomei) thinks when, without having a clue of what or who she will find, takes a flight to Venice to meet, what she believes is, her soulmate Damon Bradley (Robert Downey Jr. or not???!!!???). Falling in love in Italy is easy especially if you visit Venice, San Gimignano, Siena, Rome and Positano and so you don’t have to guess how the end will be!

Ideal route is to spend 3 days in Venice then rent a car a make 1 stop in Ferrara – which is not in the movie but it’s on the way – where you can visit the Estense Castle and enjoy the famous lasagne and the special bread that is one of the best you may find in Italy. The second stop is in Siena, this little town seems too beautiful to be true. And then finally you arrive to Rome where I suggest to stay at least 5 days.

You may return the car since in Rome traffic is really bad and moving with a car can be really stressful.

There are so many attractions in Rome and you will have days and nights full of things to do!

onlyU2One place that you will see in the movie is La Bocca della Verità.  Faith and “Damon” reenact the infamous Mouth of Truth scene made famous by Gregory Peck’s prank on Audrey Hepburn in the movie Roman Holiday.

Even if it’s a tourist thing I think it is worth even because is really near to Tiber Island and to the Roman Ghetto, which is one of the most ancient in Europe.

If you stop at Nonna Betta you may find roman Jewish Dishes, as the Giudia Artichokes as many other specialities.

Finish your trip in Positano, where you can arrive by car,train or bus. (3 hours from Rome).

Hotel Le Sirenuse has been used as the setting for the pool and the hotel scenes in the movie, it’s a luxury hotel with more than 50 rooms – most of which have a private terrace or balcony overlooking the beautiful bay and sea beyond.


Le Sirenuse derives its name from the islands of the Sirens encountered by Ulysses during his mythical journey. The Sirens were wonderful creatures whose song forced Ulysses and his men to bind themselves to the mainmast in order not to be dragged away by so alluring and sweet melodies. Capri is said to be one of those islands and from your room you can get a wonderful view of its charming beauty.

I am sure you will enjoy the views and scenes filmed in town as well.

This is only an idea of the many itineraries  you may choose.

To assist you in customizing your trip according to your dreams and desires please feel free to contact me: manuela@theglobetailor.com


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