• Cinque terre – Five villages on the Sea

    Do you need some travel inspiration? One of the most unique places in the world, one that combines beauty and authenticity, excellent food and exquisite wine and the possibility to be visited by train, boat, foot or even mixing the three together. As you can see I didn’t mention cars since, even though main roads […]

  • Gulf of Poets

      “Italia! O Italia! thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty.” The Gulf of La Spezia is called the Gulf of Poets and it’s easy to understand the attraction the area has had for writers, painters and artists, including Percy and Mary Shelley, Lord Byron, D. H Lawrence, George Sands, Henry Miller and Virginia […]

  • Liberty Style in Milan

    Liberty in Milan   There are places in Milan which really are hidden pearls. This tour is a perfect way to see the beauty of the Liberty architecture which can be seen in town. Central Station The facade, that leans out on Duke Of Aosta Plaza, is 200 meters wide, behind and parallelly to it, […]

  • Spaghetti

    Spaghetti   ALMOST everyone enjoys eating spaghetti. But did you know that this  shaped pasta gets its name from its stringlike appearance? In the Italian language, the word for string is spago. From this we get the derivative “spaghetti,” or “little pieces of string.” “How do you cook it?” we ask. Apart from the sauce […]

  • Leonardo and Milan

    Milan is my hometown.  One of its best kept secret  is the unique experience you can have in meeting one of the greatest artist who lived here: Leonardo da Vinci You cannot come to Milan and not see all the works Leonardo left here. He lived here from 1482 until the French invaded the city […]

  • Emerald Coast – 007

    This movie is a masterpiece in the 007 series of James Bond’s adventures. Filmed in Costa Smeralda – Emerald Coast, is probably the best one for locations and places filmed. Here some of the places shown: – The road chase is on a stretch of coast road at Vista Point, on the SP94 about a […]

  • Only You – Italy

    Only You Take a breath and live the moment. This is probably what Faith (Marisa Tomei) thinks when, without having a clue of what or who she will find, takes a flight to Venice to meet, what she believes is, her soulmate Damon Bradley (Robert Downey Jr. or not???!!!???). Falling in love in Italy is easy especially […]

Be my guests,

I’m so happy to meet you, even though not in person, yet.

As your Personal Italian Travel Designer, I’m eager to illustrate the beauty and the secrets of my enchanting country.

If you are planning a trip in Italy, you likely would love to feel at ease, feel at home; maybe you would like to know a resident, someone who may give you the best advice about places, restaurants, secrets that are not written in tourist guides and feel safe during your journey.

If you choose Italy for your honeymoon, there are so many romantic little towns that will leave you simply breathless.

Are a sporty? Italy has in its territory all you may desire: lakes, mountains, rivers, hills, beaches and open sea so whatever sport you can imagine you are going to find it.  Skiing, snowboards, rock-climbing, hiking, biking, surfing, kayaking and of course swimming and scuba-diving! Choose your sport and I will plan your vacation accordingly. The nice thing about Italy is the fact that, being relatively small, you can ski in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon!

Are you a gourmet traveler? I am sure I cannot be contradicted in saying Italy is a food and wine PARADISE. What about taking an itinerary which will exploit the best cuisine you may imagine?

Travelling with kids? Well Italy has so much to offer to families: more than 5000 miles of coastline, the largest of which are suitable even for little ones, the 24 Italian national parks make up the country’s green heart, from the high peaks of the Dolomites  to the green coast of Circeo, the protected areas are ideal destinations for nature lovers, offering activities and sport amidst fresh air and beautiful sceneries and families may find accommodations with activities included.